Lymington Pop Up, UK

Event type – Pop up restaurant

Client – Lymington Council

Topline Brief – To create a family event following a national lockdown, helping to encourage people to venture out into a socially-distanced environment to come together in a safe way to enjoy delicious local food and drink.

Number of delegates – 3500+

Solution – We wanted to unite with local suppliers and local staff, all of us facing our own challenges at work and home, to bring something special to the community, help those whose trade usually relies upon the summer festival season, and remind people that there is light within the darkness.

Lymington Pop Up was an adapted alfresco dining experience that allowed people to feel safe and united against the backdrop of a global pandemic.

We  created a vibrant and exciting outdoor space serving up street food inspired menus, with ice cold beers on tap and many more beverages on offer! There was a mix of tent covered and open air spaces for everyone to relax in. Where possible we had reached out to local restaurants and mobile caterers to trade at our event. Who were all offering delicious dining, recreating dishes from their own menus! We had our  flag ship bar down on the green – The Tack and Tipple which was perfect for the quick turnaround of drinks required, due to serving over 3,500 customers! We have now turned this concept into a standalone brand, The Pop Up, which recreates this experience at any location with any theme.